Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just Call Me "Caveman"

In order to better myself and drop some weight I've been wanting to shed for the past couple years, I have started the "paleo" or "caveman" diet. This includes no processed sugars of any kind, no alcohol, no grains (including corn and rice), and no dairy products.

These fad diets never seem to be all they're cracked up to be. I've tried others before, including the "slow carb" diet prescribed by Tim Ferriss himself. But goddamnit I intend to finish this one. It's tried and true and if done right can change your life. It's the type of diet human beings evolved to eat. And I intend to utilize the mental techniques necessary to achieve to my goal, such as exactly this, journaling about the experience, and also surrendering desires for "comfort food" to medicate and reward myself, and learning to love the food I'm eating and not view the experience as a chore.

I'm only on Day 4, and though I keep thinking about it, as if there is some kind of invisible shell around me preventing me from eating what I want to eat, it hasn't been too challenging. I've bought a lot of produce and meats from our favorite, Edgewater Produce, and I've cooked and prepared all my own food. I went to a bar one evening to watch the first NFL game of the year, and just had a soda water. As it stands, I'm halfway through the first weekend I've had on the diet, and I believe weekends may be the more challenging times during the diet, but so far I'm standing strong. As the website for the diet says, you never HAVE to eat anything (or drink anything) you don't want to. No one ever forces you to do anything. So I intend to spend time with friends freely, not letting the diet get in the way, and enjoy myself and continue to eat what I should on the diet.

Tomorrow is only Day 5. I want to stick with it. But as the wise men say, I should take things one day at a time. So if you're reading this, wish me luck!

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