Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Favorites of the Comedic Variety

I interrupt these posts on Thailand to bring you a non sequitur. But hey, you should know I love movies and writing about them, so here's a quick ditty on some of my favorite comedies:

1. Wayne's World (1992) Perhaps because of its fictional close proximity to my hometown, but more likely because of its great writing, cast, and quoteability, this one I'll always cherish and endlessly re-watch. Though pretty much all of these I'll re-watch until I die.

2. The Big Lewboski (1998) I'm not the biggest Coen Brothers fan in the world, but this film is truly a stroke of genius. Its chapter-based plot and the array of characters encountered by the Dude make it one of the best comedies ever, if not best films ever.

3. Dumb and Dumber (1994) A 'fart' comedy and slapstick for sure, but this buddy comedy features Jim Carrey at the height of his powers, along with a rare perfect foil for Carrey in Jeff Daniels.

4. Young Frankenstein (1974) One-liners galore and Gene Wilder at the helm. A perfect comedic take on the timeless Frankenstein story.

5. Zoolander (2001) My favorite Ben Stiller movie by far (well, except for maybe "Zero Effect"), I could watch thisese movie again and again for its excellent satire of fame and narcissism, hilarious supporting players, and pretty decent story arch.