Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Preview

I've been dicking around today, not doing much of anything with my day off from Huntington. I only have a few weeks before I go, so I keep feeling a subtle crisis within me saying "only so much time left... what do I need to do before I go?" The truth is, I'm not really sure. I'm trying to see old friends, to make sure I do some 'American' things before I go, and update most people close (enough) to me of my upcoming travels. I am very please about thing I'm doing before I leave: going to see Tony Bennett live at Ravina this Saturday for the first time ever. I'm a generation or two from being a huge Tony Bennett fan, but I can appreciate a crooner legend, and want to see him live badly before he leaves this planet for good. He is 83.

Anyway, I'll get to the point, and quit all the gibberish. I don't post that often because I need a very good idea to explore, and it takes me some time to develop one. I think that explains all this gibberish. I enjoyed writing the previous post, and although I said I would return, I think I'll leave it to those few memories. They seem to be quite salient to me regarding last year.

The real point is that I wanted share this for those who may be interested. It's a video of Henan Polytechnic University, a preview of my soon-to-be home away from home. I think you'll agree with me that it appears to be quite nice. Enjoy!

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