Friday, July 31, 2009

Consider these words eaten

Over a month ago, I wrote the letter below about US national soccer. Despite the expectations of myself and everyone else, they prevailed, beating Spain 2-0 in the semi-finals and nearly knocking off Brazil, 3-2 in the final. It was a fantastic performance for the growing skill of the US Men's team. However, when push came to shove, it was clear Brazil had the superior squad than the US. I suppose that's to be expected.

So what's next? Expectations of winning the world cup in 2010? Not quite. But hopefully, if the team is playing to its potential, and with a little luck, we can expect them to fair well come next summer in South Africa.

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  1. South Africa 2010, we'll be there to cheer, right after Vancouver in the winter. Also, as an editorial note, it should be "fare" well, not "fair." Finally, I think you make good points as to why soccer isn't as big in the US as it is everywhere else, and though I don't think it ever will be, its popularity (especially among twenty-something males like yourself) is without a doubt on the rise.